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Welcome to the fairy tale!

Rare and exotic culture mix brings exquisite charm and vibe to your wedding... Catholic traditions, African's traditions, and Mayan traditions make this mix irresistible and unforgettable.

Caribben wedding lasts all night long. it's an exotic celebration with local drums' rythms, music, plentry of punch, wild dancing, toasts to happiness of the newly weds. Bearing this national, local flair, the Carribean ceremony may take place in picturesque garden, or even on the beach. After the burst of impressions - you'll get the champagne, professional photo session (our photographer will make wedding album for you), exotic flowers, that you've never seen in your life and the romantic dinner for two are perfect continuation of your special day. 

Wedding is one of the most bright and unforgettable events in life. In means, there this special day is to be a feast, cheerful celebration, the memories of which will be kept as the biggest family treasure.

We propose you to make this day truly unforgettable - choose the Caribbean destination wedding, and you get a piece of dolce vita, that will be forever yours.

Take advantage of our proposition to visit sunny and hospitable Caribbean islands. Diversity is the word that perfectly describes the Caribbean region. Each of this islands is unique, each will offer you on-of-the-kind landscapes, exotic flora and fauna, local cultures and cuisines. This stunning variety permits you to choose the island that suits you best, the one that will host your fantastic ceremony.

Here are just some of them, the most famous islands:

Saint-Barthelemy this island combines modernity with carefully kept traditions, open for guests, it is at the same time very calm and romantic.

Barbados - a piece of true British caracter amoung the sunny Caribbean, that is reflectd in the top-rate service level.

Antigua and Barbuda - these islands are famous for their absolutely unique beaches and a vast variety of small bays.

Saint-Martin - unique corner of the Caribbeans, that will amaze the most sophisticated traveller.

Jamaica - the hottest place on the Caribbean, and the most passionate one - you can help falling in love with this outstanding island!

We will tell you about other famous Caribbean islands in our futher articles, explaining their particularities, introducing these unique destinations to our brides and grooms:






Saint Lucia

Aruba and Curasao


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