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Antique Frame Wedding invitations - the charm of classic art.

 Antique Frame Gold Mint


Crearing new concept is always an inspiring process, that our designers are eager to share with you. Vintage theme encompasses a wide range of the beautiful concepts worth of bringing into life, starting from Roman and Greek art tradition to 20-ties retro style.

Conceiving our new Antique Frame wedding card, we based on the traditional decor of the antique era and applied its best features to our high-end wedding stationery. Antique Frame comprises 3 wedding invitations: Ivory& Gold, Pink& Gold, Gold & Mint.

Choosing the colour palette to render the sublime antique style we opt for the light cream base hue and the gold foil, being used as the accent. The basic colours are softly highlighted with delicate pastel ribbons: cold mint and pale rose one, adding a frech stroke to the classic charm.
Antique style is famous for its unique and accomplished beauty, based on symmetry of lines : it is reflected in the elegant embossed pattern of the main wallet - well-balanced in its simplicity. Antique style is self-sufficient, it does not require abundant embellishment. The oval opening decorated with gold foil ornament pops against the stately ivory matte backdrop, letting us see the bride and groom's initials, printed on the inner card.
Another innovative feature is the way the insert is pulled off the wallet - drag the ribbon tied to the insert and get the main card with the invitation's wording. Such a fascinating and fresh idea to get your guests intrigued!
These wedding invitations beam with excellence and harmony, that makes them a perfect choice for a traditional, classic wedding with a touch of vintage.

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