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From Dream To Reality: Your Ideal Wedding

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Many married couples wish they coould turn back time and give themselves hacks on thier weddings' planning. If you are currently planning your wedding, follow the most helpful tips of real brides that let you avoid the mistakes other couple have done. Here are some gread tips and advices on perfect wedding planning.

 While deciding on the wedding date, select the one that will be memorable for your couple. It's so romantic to get married on Valentine's Day, beside it is an easy date to remember. You may select the birthday date of one of you, the excellent decision for those who are forgetful!

If you decided on an outdoor wedding, prepare the plan B (for any forse-majeure circumstances as, for example, weather conditions). Select the venue that provides the indor area alsongside with the outdoor one in case of rainy weather. A tent can protect you and your guests, but not in case of a heavy rain, since the gound under the tent will be wet and you'll have to walk on it.

You may hire a wedding planner, but even if you do it, draw the checklist with the issues to accomplish before and set the exact timeline for each issue. Thus, you will feel comfortable on each stage of wedding planning, and you will be sure not a single detail of your future ceremony is missed. When all issues in your list are finished, you will be sure that everything is well-planned.

To avoid gifts you don't need, make things clear for your guests - create a gift registry at the favorite store. Thus, your guests will present the gifts that you really need.
Plan your honeymoon in the same place where you have your destination wedding - it will considerably reduce the costs! You can always get a discount on a longer hotel stay, besides you won't have to pay for travel - you are already here. Make a research of best honeymoon locations in the destination you've chosen for the wedding ceremony. This option will spare your time, so you can easily spend on pure relax and joy!

Our real brides' tips are very practical and simple ones. Any of these ideas is easy to implement, and you'll definitely like the result - stress-free wedding planning and great outcome: the Big Day of your dream.

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