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Barbados - destination wedding in Paradize


Barbados Wedding


The island of Barbados is a tiny peice of genuine Foggy Albion among sunny Carribeans. The language of communication here is English and thr British mentality is recognized everywhere. Starting from the early age local citizens get British upbringing im Enflish schools. Opting for Barbados vacation you can be absolutely sure you will get the upscale British servicing and punctuality, as well as the European level of secutiry. At the same time the Barbadians («Bajans», as they call themselves) are absolutely stripped of British stiffness. They are open and cheerful, ready to make a bright event or carnival any day. And they celebrate all the time indeed.

Barbados is one of the most economically developed countries of the Caribbean. This fact results in the upscale seculity level not only in personal aspect, but in the economical one. For your choice on the Barbados there are not only luxury hotels: the world-known Sandy Lane, typical colonial styled Coral Reef, unique the House, but chic, avsolutely gorgeous villas, including Cove Spring House. In our collection you'll find the best of these locations, and in order to organize your prefect barbados destination wedding, all you need is to send us the request.

Barbados will meet you with fine weather and splendid picturesque white sand beaches, among which you will find the one of the kind, especially yours. The South coast is the land of endless holiday. This is the place of festivals and fireworks. Night time is filled with music of discos & bars, surronded by the endless reggy. Any event on the Barbados is an outdoor event for everybody, without any limits such as face-control and vip-zones. It's the carnival that lasts forever - everyone is dancing and having fun, starting from locals to elederly couples.

These are plenty possibilities for various sport activities on the island. Cricket and golf have gained special popularity. The Western coast of Barbados is a perfect place for surfing. Barbados is located at the far western part of the Caribbean, that is why the waves near its coast go hundred kilometers of the Adriatic ocean without any obstacles, gaining its forse and persistence.
Water sports are not limited by surfing. Barbados, unlike other Caribbean islands in not of volcanic, but of coral origin. Needless to describe the joy of diving here. The island is bright and vivid with not only the coastal underwater flora and fauna, but with its inland nature. Despite many years of sugar cane rising on plantations, the emerald tropical forests were preserved on the island. There you can see bearded trees (that gave thier name to Barbados), a red orchid, called "scarlet pride of Barbados".

If you are interested in history - your vacation on Barbados will be definitely void without a trip to the local Trafalgar square, now called the Heroes place, or the ancient war prison, that is not turned in the Barbados Museum. If you are connoisseur of world known drinks, you won't stay indifferent to the Barbados rum, the oldest in the world., as well as the world famous Malibu liqueur, that is produced on Barbados.

These and many other local wonders wait to be discovered by you during your wedding stay. Make your Paradize wedding on Barbados.

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