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Wedding Trend 2017

Wedding Trends 2017

Which weddings will be in trend this year? Which wedding tendencies of 2017 are worth to be paid attention to? All this you will find in the material below!


Every couple is uniquewith their own love-story, interests and preferences. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of beautiful photos and approval of friends, many people forget about this, choosing solutions that will be advantageous only for the photos.

It is important to stay yourself and do things as heart prompts. Consider the fashion trends, try them on yourselves and select those which suit you the best. Here is the recipe for success - the most popular shots of wedding blogs are not the ones where everything is done perfectly and according to the latest trends. The most interesting is the wedding with a soul.

Fine Art

Fine Art style brought the charm of lightness and tenderness to the wedding sphere. Fine Art can be traced in the air pictures with soft light and in elegant wedding decor.

Colour Scheme

The main colour of 2017 by Pantone Institute is greenery or herbs. Green colour solo or in combination with natural shades of blue, yellow or beige are the favourites of this year. The delicate shades of pink remain highly popular in 2017 wedding palette, the beauty and allure of this ultra-romantic colour fascinates fashion-forward brides all over the world. Exquisite blush pink wedding invitations will give fabulous accents to your special event.


Simplicity and minimalism are distinctive features of wedding decor in 2017. Fine Art style, absence of frilly details, wooden tables without tablecloths - weddings have become the story of a couple, not a demonstration of financial capacity.

Green decor will be a hit of the year. The predominance of green colour with delicate patches of one or two neutral shades will look very elegant.

One of the most interesting wedding trends in 2017 is the metal. Gold and silver are sidelined, giving the way to a copper accessories and mixing of different metals. 

Wedding Gown

If you want to wear a coloured wedding dress, it's the high time! Perhaps, not as a major, but, for example, as a dress for the banquet. In trend are all shades of pastels - from pale pink to sky blue.

Flowers can be not only in the hands of the bride, but on her dress as well – voluminous and embroidered, covering the whole dress or just its part.

Wedding cloak from solutions for cool weather (put it on to warm up, and then take off) turned into a full-fledged accessory. Wraps are created with the wedding dress and look incredibly stylish.

The Bride's Bouquet

Wedding trends 2017 dictate the fashion for large bouquets. As if in contrast to the minimalist decor, these bouquets look so luxurious, that you can't take your eyes from them.

The last year trend - silk ribbons - appeared in the bride's bouquet as well. Whatever is the composition, the airy strips of coloured silk will accentuate its beauty.


Wedding calligraphy became popular last year, but it's not going to lose ground. The calligraphy may be used for invitations, wedding vows, seating arrangement and other accessories.

The past year was marked by silk ribbons. 2017 takes the best from the past and adds something of its own - ribbons from velvet, sequins and lace.


The Food

Try to surprise your guests with a buffet, which has the ingredients for self-catering. Snacks and cheese buffet with Belgian waffles and toppings for them - filling depends on your preferences.

Traditional wine and champagne this year will have to make room on the holiday table for craft beer. Delicious beer brewed at home or at a private brewery is able to capture the wedding world.

Of course, let's mention the wedding cake - the minimalism replaces the tiered cake with lots of details. Cake in white or neutral colours, a minimum of decor, without any mastic – the attention again is focused on the taste, but not on the external details.

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