Destination WeddingWelcome to the Fairy Tale!

Destination Wedding

  • Antigua wedding - exotic Paradise

    Antigua destination wedding

    destination wedding

    Antigua island has an absolutely incredible patch-shape, intermingled somewhere between Caribbean sea and the Atlantic. Numerous peninsulas of various shapes and sizes, looking like paws of the monsters of the deep, are spread-eagled. As a result - plenty of diverse and cozy and snug bays and creeks, with typical Caribbean beaches, framed with emerald green tropical forests. Here you can easily find the true Paradizes for the two, hidden from view. When preparing to travel, check out the shop of wedding products that would order the invitations, our company will make them happy, yet you'll enjoy the rest.

  • Barbados destination wedding

    Barbados - destination wedding in Paradize


    Barbados Wedding


    The island of Barbados is a tiny peice of genuine Foggy Albion among sunny Carribeans. The language of communication here is English and thr British mentality is recognized everywhere. Starting from the early age local citizens get British upbringing im Enflish schools. Opting for Barbados vacation you can be absolutely sure you will get the upscale British servicing and punctuality, as well as the European level of secutiry. At the same time the Barbadians («Bajans», as they call themselves) are absolutely stripped of British stiffness. They are open and cheerful, ready to make a bright event or carnival any day. And they celebrate all the time indeed.

  • Caribbean wedding

    Welcome to the fairy tale!

    Rare and exotic culture mix brings exquisite charm and vibe to your wedding... Catholic traditions, African's traditions, and Mayan traditions make this mix irresistible and unforgettable.

    Caribben wedding lasts all night long. it's an exotic celebration with local drums' rythms, music, plentry of punch, wild dancing, toasts to happiness of the newly weds. Bearing this national, local flair, the Carribean ceremony may take place in picturesque garden, or even on the beach. After the burst of impressions - you'll get the champagne, professional photo session (our photographer will make wedding album for you), exotic flowers, that you've never seen in your life and the romantic dinner for two are perfect continuation of your special day. 

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