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Wedding Ideas

  • British Wedding traditions

    British Wedding traditions

    British wedding

    Traditions and culture of every nation are formed over the centuries and transmitted from one generation to another. The English treat traditions with special respect. An important stage in a person's life is marriage. It is the basis of a family s creation. Therefore, the brightest example illustration of traditions and customs is wedding and its ceremonies. What girl does not dream about the best and unforgettable luxury wedding - to put on a chic and wonderful dress, to be the most magnificent and beautiful on this important day for her: to marry a loved man and become the happiest in the whole world. Parents in their turn try to arrange this event in the best traditions, to perform certain rituals, which, it is believed, will help the newlyweds create a happy and strong family, as well as frighten off evil and failure.

  • Tips To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

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    Wedding planning requires a lot of efforts to result in perfect ceremony. It's by ideal palnning you get the ideal wedding. However, wedding planning should not be stressful expreience for you. We propose you simple and very efficient tips to follow to ensure great event, that you really deserve. If you want to get professional services of wedding planners, opt for Tulsa Wedding Planning, fairly being among the best in their business.
    When the wedding date approaches, try to limit your training/exercises, thus reducing the physical stress of your body and mental/emotional stress you are currently undergoing. Your bridal party should be the day of unlimited fun and relaxed atmosphere. Treat yourself with manicure and pedicure done in the beauty salon and invite your bridesmaind to share this beauty procedure. Thus, you will get friendly communication and cozy festivity with your closest friends, making beauty preparations together.

  • Wedding Trends

    Wedding Trend 2017

    Wedding Trends 2017

    Which weddings will be in trend this year? Which wedding tendencies of 2017 are worth to be paid attention to? All this you will find in the material below!


    Every couple is uniquewith their own love-story, interests and preferences. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of beautiful photos and approval of friends, many people forget about this, choosing solutions that will be advantageous only forthe photos.

    It is important to stay yourself and do things as heart prompts. Consider the fashion trends, try them on yourselves and select those which suit you the best. Here is therecipe for success - the most popular shots of wedding blogs are not the ones where everything is done perfectly and according to the latest trends. The most interesting is the wedding with a soul.

  • Your Ideal Wedding

    From Dream To Reality: Your Ideal Wedding

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    Many married couples wish they coould turn back time and give themselves hacks on thier weddings' planning. If you are currently planning your wedding, follow the most helpful tips of real brides that let you avoid the mistakes other couple have done. Here are some gread tips and advices on perfect wedding planning.

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