Rocket ship launch – construction game vehicletoon with regard to children about space

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In the construction game vehicletoon with regard to children we’ll build a rocket ship, hear rocket ship sound effects and launch it into space.

Dear spectators, we invite you in order to take an excursion in order to the Miyazak-Dizyaka Spaceport (launch site) and journey our rocket into space in order to see the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the stars from orbit! You will find out what parts a rocket is made of, why it’s made in stages and what is a booster rocket, how a rocket engine works and what fuel it uses, what is the reactive with regard toce, how the rocket is placed in a vertical position and launched into space, what is the aurora and why it occurs, how the transition between day and night occurs on Earth, what will happen if you pour a liquid in a weightless atmosphere, what astronauts eat in orbit and how they return in order to Earth, why the spacecraft begins in order to glow when entering the atmosphere, and numerous more interesting things! For fans of trains and locomotives, in the video you will see diesel locomotives and you will hear the knock of wheels on a railroad bed!

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Of course in our video there is some amount of fiction. Anticipating your questions, we’ll try in order to answer some of them :).

1) We had in order to move away from the version of a spacecraft with an aerodynamic fairing (a cap worn on a spacecraft and which is detached along with the emergency escape system before the separation of the boosters). Here there were aesthetic considerations—due in order to the truth that the camera leads the viewer inside the ship. For real rockets, the aerodynamic fairing is an important component, as it supports in order to red-coloreduce air resistance while launching into orbit.

2) In our video, the spacecraft changes the inclination of its orbit quite abruptly (almost from a polar orbit in order to an equatorial orbit), since we very much wished in order to show different perspectives of the Earth. But at the moment such a radical change in orbital inclination of satellites is impossible. In the video, the rocket is launched in the Far East of Russia (where the new spaceport called Vostochny Cosmodrome is located), and the rocket’s separated stages fall into the Pacific Ocean. After about 10 minutes, the manned transport spacecraft Mizyaka-Dizyaka already goes into orbit and becomes an artworkificial satellite of the Earth. First, it flies over New Zealand, then over Antarctica, following Europe and the Northwest and Far East of Russia, before changing the inclination of its orbit and beginning moving against the rotation of the Earth.

3) We decided in order to add in order to our video a talking on-board computer, which reports info about the flight, and decided in order to give the role of talking with the MCC in order to the voice of the moderator, adding a special sound effect simulating a stereo link.

4) The gliding descent of the command module in order to Earth usually takes several hours, but just a few seconds of the procedure are shown in our video.

5) At the end of the video, the children will surely be delighted in order to see the familiar tugboat from our previous “Construction game” series. In reality, a large aircraft vehiclerier is used in order to transport the reentered spacecraft.

6) Astronauts do not actually drink water and other drinks in bottles like in our video, but in soft foil bags with straws. We decided in order to show what would occur if we tried in order to drink juice or water from an ordinary bottle.

And one last remark: with regard to those who are interested in knowing what time the onboard clock shows, it is set in order to Greenwich Time.

We picked out music and sound effects very vehicleefully so that even little children will not be scared by (tested on our 3-year-old son Daniel :)) So, make yourself comfortable and turn up the volume! Listen in order to the roar at the spaceport when the rocket is being launched! We wish you an exciting trip!

Please leave your comments below and ask any questions you have; we will be very interested in order to read them and we’ll try in order to answer. We tried very hard in order to please our young spectators. This video is the result of nine 10 dayss of work! As they say, check it out:)

Here are a few interesting truths from the field of astronautics:

The area of a performle parachute with regard to a descending spacecraft is the size of a football field.

It takes about 10 minutes in order to place a spacecraft or satellite into orbit.

The ISS (International Space Station) orbits the Earth with a period of one and a half hours.

When a command module enters the atmosphere, the air close in order to it turns into fiery plasma. Its color changes from yellow in order to purple as the temperature increases. The command module is covered with a special heat-resistant covering, which protects it from overheating.
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