Toon blast mod apk

Toon Blast Mod

Toon Blast Mod

Easy bypass connection to encounterbook

Easy bypass connection to encounterbook

How to install
Spoiler: For non-root MODs signed APKs
1 Remove original game
a if you played with mod before, you’ll be able to install new mod over it.
2. Download My modded APK dropbox
3. Install modded APK
4. Enjoy =)
Google+ login possible No
Facebook login possible Yes. But eliminate your encounterbook app from device.
Specific game account login possible (for example: HIVE Yes
Spoiler: For root MODs (unsigned APKs
1 Your device must be rooted.
2 Your device must be full patched. How to Read:
Tutorial – Videotutorial How To Login With Google+ Or Facebook App On Modded Games
3. Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. & 4..
4. Start original game and login once with Google+.
5. Close game and install unsigned APK over the playstore version don’t eliminate the original game
Google+ login possible Yes
Facebook login possible Yes
Specific Game Account login possible for example: HIVE Yes

Big combos

Those special blocks can be handsier than the simple boosts they give you at 1st, especially if you combine them.

A bomb combined with a rocket is one of the best solutions – it’ll wipe out three surrounding rows and columns, even taking out any special objective associated blocks, like balloons or bubbles.

But by far the best is the disco ball combined with a bomb – this will turn all blocks the colour of the disco ball in to bombs, destroying most of the grid.

The Toon Blast Cheats can make the accumulateion of lives easier for the users.

This is the Hack of toon blast game. In this hack you are going to get unlimited quantity of coins and boosters. Which means unlimited moves.
The hack is now available for iOS, and i am going to consist of android soon.

Download links:

IOS version:

Hope you like the video.

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