Toon Blast – Tips and Tricks to get In App Purchases – Using Reward Apps !

Toon Blast Redeem Code

Toon Blast Redeem Code

2017’s greatest funniest cartoon adventure app game.
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Enter the craziest cartoon world and take pleasure in loads of challenging levels. Create powerful combos to pass levels. In this video, I have shown how to get free coins in this iPS iPad mobile game without using any cheats and hacks. Collect celebritys by completing levels to acquire awesome rewards. This game is easy and fun to play but it is challenging to master.

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Getting those chests

If you want to stock up on coins and boosters without investing your cold hard cash, you’re going to want to unlock chests. One chest is unlocked after each ten levels you clear, but another chest – the Star Chest – can be unlocked faster.

The Star Chest will unlock after each 20 celebritys you earn – with a maximum of 3 obtainable in each level as soon as you earn 50,000 points. You can unlock these types of chests after just 7 levels, as opposed to 10 for the other chest.

In order to maximise the quantity of celebritys you earn in each level, you want to keep yourself with as many proceeds as possible.

Each proceed you have leftover as soon as you’ve completed your objective will transform a random block into a rocket, awarding you 2,000 points before the rocket even sets off.

The Toon Blast Cheats can make the collection of lives easier for the users.

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