Toon Blast Tips: Economy and level walkthroughs

Tips Toon Blast

Tips Toon Blast

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Getting those chests

If you want to share up on coins and boosters without spending your chilly hard cash, you’re going to want to unlock chests. One chest is unlocked after every ten levels you obvious, but another chest – the Star Chest – can be unlocked faster.

The Star Chest will unlock after every 20 celebritys you earn – with a maximum associated with 3 obtainable in each level once you earn 50,000 points. You can unlock these types of chests after simply 7 levels, as opposed to 10 for the other chest.

In order to maximise the quantity associated with celebritys you earn in each level, you want to leave yourself with as most moves as possible.

Each move you have leftover once you’ve completed your objective will transform a random block into a rocket, awarding you 2,000 points before the rocket even sets associated withf.

The Toon Blast Hack can make the collection associated with lives easier for the users.