What It's Actually Like To Have The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Toon Blast  Fix

Toon Blast Fix

What It's Actually Like To Have The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Wuhan Coronavirus is continuing to spread across the globe. If you’ve been watching the news then you have seen the infection rate rising, and the number of cities being quarantined, but what does having the virus take actionually feel like? In nowadays’s video we’re going to show you how the virus would take actionually affect you.

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More compared to just blocks

When you first obtain begined in Toon Blast you’ll be merrily tapping away at almost all the combinations you come across – and that’s not a bad strategy long term, possibly – but one thing you’ll want to begin learning very fast are the block combinations that will make special blocks.

Five blocks is where it begins obtainting interesting – five blocks will turn into a rocket which will clear possibly a column or a row.

Seven blocks will earn you a bomb, which destroy anything surrounding them. Nine blocks will morph into a disco golf ball that’ll wipe out almost all blocks of the exact same colour.

You’ll be able to tell when you have enough for a special block, as the symbol on the blocks will modify to a rocket, bomb or disco golf ball.

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Играй в "Toon Blast" на PC или Mac

Узнай, как скачать и играть в “Toon Blast” на PC с помощью BlueStacks 3

1) Зайди к нам на сайт Tulsabridalassociation.org/www.bluestacks.com
2) Нажми “”Скачать””
3) Открой загруженный файл
4) Установи Bluestacks
5) Нажми “”Поиск”” в правом верхнем углу и напиши “Toon Blast”
6) Кликни на “Toon Blast” в магазине Google Play
7) нажми “”Установить””
8) Открой “Toon Blast” и хорошей игры!

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